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All you need to know

This list will be added to as the event approaches –

Date:  25-26 November 2020, with Early Career Day, 24 November

Key dates

17 November – Late-registration only

24 November – Conference opens

Keynote speakers

We are delighted to confirm our keynote speakers:

Professor Kristina Edström, Ångström Advanced Battery Centre (ÅABC)

Dr Peter Lamp, General Manager, Research Battery Technology, BMW

Andy Street, Mayor, West Midlands Combined Authority

Details of all the speakers can be found in the programme.


Powering Britain's battery revolution

The Faraday Institution is the UK’s independent institute for electrochemical energy storage research, skills development and market analysis. It brings together research scientists and industry partners on commercially valuable projects to reduce battery cost, weight, and volume; improve performance and reliability; and develop whole-life strategies including recycling and reuse.

CONFIRMED Keynote Speakers


Prof. Kristina Edström

Ångström Advanced Battery Centre (ÅABC), Project Coordinator for Battery 2030+ and Board Member for Faraday Institution

Dr Peter Lamp

General Manager, Research Battery Technology, BMW

Andy Street

Mayor, West Midlands Combined Authority

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