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These questions assume that a delegate has successfully registered for the Faraday Institution Conference, and that you have received and responded to your invitation to join the Faraday Institution Conference 2020 workspace on Slack.

If you have not yet registered, please do so.

“I logged on to the Slack workspace but how do I get back to it?”

Go to https://faraday2020.slack.com

“I forgot my Slack password?”

Go to https://faraday2020.slack.com, type in the email address you registered for the conference with, and click on “Get help signing in.”

“I’m in the Slack workspace from another group. How do I switch to the FI Conference 2020 workspace?”

From your desktop, click the name of the workspace in the top left of your screen.

Choose Switch Workspaces -> Faraday Institution Conference 2020.

“What’s the password to the posters/ECD talks/videos?”

The videos and posters being presented at the conference can be accessed from this website.

The material is password protected.

You will have received an email containing passwords. If you cannot find the email, you can obtain the login name and password from pinned posts within relevant the Slack channels.

“Do I have to access Slack to get the Zoom links to live sessions?”

Yes. Signing up to the Slack workspace takes 30 seconds: just type in your name and email address. Each of the ~16 conference session has a different link to access it so Slack provides a useful platform for all delegates to access those, as well as the place to facilitate discussion with others.

Zoom links can be accessed here:

“I’m in Slack but what do I do next?”

The Conference workspace is organised into channels. These are listed on the left side of your screen.

There are handy tips on how to get started at #a_05_slack-tips.

You can introduce yourself at #a_01_intros.

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