Opportunities from the wider UK battery community

Exhibiting at our conference


We asked the wider UK’s battery communities external to the Faraday Institution to exhibit at our conference, inviting them to tell the FI community about new initiatives, facilities, technology developments, career, training or internship opportunities, events or collaboration opportunities. Check out what they shared.

We also asked our industry fellows, industry sprint projects, entrepreneurial fellows and projects that recently began to develop batteries suitable for use in developing countries and emerging economies to highlight their projects and the impact that they’re making.

Check out the content here and make contact with these potential collaborators over slack as we aim to extend the breadth and value of collaboration in the battery sector across the UK.

Industry and other external contributions

Lynn Tomkins



Skills4 will be holding a “Boost your career” session at 10.30 on the 25th November as a precursor to the Women’s Empower programme that will be open to applications from women working on Faraday Institution projects.

Renee Watson

The Curiosity Box 


See inside the Fully Charged STEM Day in a Box, where Head of Explosions at The Curiosity Box unboxes this brilliant resource for inspiring future battery researchers! 

Keywords: Careers, Education, Children,
Outreach, CSR

Musab Swaleh



Find out how we can help you achieve your research goals by supplying advanced materials and equipment for your battery research.

Keywords: Supplier, Consumables, Preparation,
Cell production, Test equipment

David Greenwood

WMG, University of Warwick


Welcome to WMG virtual stand! Watch the video to meet the team and hear about our recent projects. 

Keywords: Battery scale-up, Battery systems engineering, Electrochemical materials,
Vehicle propulsion systems

Javier Palacio Torralba



An understanding of how Hardware in the Loop Simulation helps to develop better and safer batteries. 

Keywords: HIL, BMS, Real-time,
Model, Testing

David Curry

Altair Engineering Inc.


Learn how EDEM simulation software can be used to gain unique insight into electrode manufacturing and help your research into battery technology.

Keywords: Electrode, Simulation, DEM,
Manufacturing, Calendaring

Ben Pellegrini



Our machine learning platform, Alchemite, extracts maximum knowledge from all available experimental data for battery materials, management systems and manufacturing processes. 

Keywords: Machine learning,
Material/chemical design, Industrial formulationsManufacturing processes,
Design of experiments

Dee Strand

Wildcat Discovery Technologies


Wildcat uses proprietary high throughput technology to accelerate battery materials
R&D for others.

Charanjeet Singh



Find out about the technology and support available to optimise your battery materials, resulting in reduced costs, increased life-span, improved power, range and safety. 

Keywords: Scale-up,
Business support, Industrial formulationsBattery formulation,
Battery optimisation, Case studies

Marianne Privett

AA Thornton


Marianne explains why Intellectual Property
(IP) is of relevance to you.

Keywords: Intellectual property, IP,
Patents, Strategy

Robin Morris

Henry Royce Institute


We provide state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for analysis of energy materials.

Keywords: Test, Characterise, Fabricate, Equipment, Funding

Nick King​

Midlands Innovation


The Energy Research Accelerator is an Innovate UK funded programme with includes the universities of Aston, Birmingham, Cranfield, Keele, Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham and Warwick, along with the British Geological Survey. ERA provided £20m of funding for the energy innovation centre at WMG,
University of Warwick.

Anna Wise

Innovate UK


Find out how to apply for Round 4 funding for collaborative R&D projects run by Innovate UK as part of the Faraday Battery Challenge.

Thomas Heenan 

University College London


Our patent-protected technology has demonstrated charging time reductions of up to 67% on commercial Li-ion cells.  

Keywords: Fast-Charging, Cold-Start, Hardware Innovations, Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs),
Cell Manufacturing

Ola Hekselman

Solveteq Ltd


Gain an insight into an innovative method for recycling automotive batteries and its route for commercialisation.

Keywords: Sustainability, Recycling,
Lead-acid batteries, Hydrometallurgy, Decarbonisation

Tom Cleaver

Cognition Energy Ltd


How an entrepreneur fellowship can help kickstart the process of starting a company and work towards your first product, leading to a high performance battery with a long life. 

Keywords: Fellowship, Battery,
Performance, Thermal, Life

Ian Campbell

Breathe Battery Technologies


Lightweight, dedicated BMS application layer software modules for healthy battery charging.  

Keywords: BMS, SOH, Charging, Modelling,
Electric cars

Jack Nicholas

Qdot Technology Ltd


The future of battery thermal management to enable extremely fast charging.  

Keywords: BTMS , Charging, Thermal,
Cooling, Rapid

Industry fellows

Abbas Fotouhi

Cranfield University 


New opportunities of integrating AI/
machine learning techniques in
battery management systems.

Keywords: Battery, Thermal management, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Temperature prediction 

Alexander Roberts

Coventry University


Introducing the collaboration between Coventry University and CB2Tech, an overview of cell prototyping capabilities is given, highlighting the development of starting materials through to 18650 and 21700 cylindrical cells.   

Keywords: High power, Prototype, Scale-up, Fast charge, Niobium 

Ganesh Madabattula

Imperial College London


The video explains the goals of the industry fellowship for collaboration between Ilika and Imperial College London.   

Keywords: Solid-state batteries, Industry fellowship, Ilika technologies, Modelling, Design and optimisation 

Terry Dyer

University of Strathclyde


The benefits to UK industry of developing of a low-noise, low-cost fluxgate magnetometer. 

Keywords: Fluxgate, Magnetometer, Electric vehicles, Battery Management, Magnetocardiography 

Christopher Abel



With the electric vehicle revolution on the horizon, look at how quantum magnetometers can be used to help improve the design, manufacture, and monitoring of battery packs.

Keywords: EVs, Monitoring, Quantum, Magnetometers, Safety 

Industry sprints

Alastair Hales

Imperial College London 


An investigation of lithium-ion cell design optimisation to improve thermal management, using the Cell Cooling Coefficient and ECN models. 

Keywords: Thermal Management,
Cell Cooling Coefficient, Tab Cooling,
Lithium-ion cell design

Mark Buckwell

University College London 


An insight into how we can simulate and study failure in order to make safer batteries.

Keywords: Li-ionbatteries, degradation, failure,
X-ray imaging, abuse testing

Case studies

Thomas Heenan

University College London


The comprehensive microstructural and electrochemical analysis that is provided within our Advanced Datasheets can aid in purchasing decisions by providing an informed comparison of commercial Li-ion cells.  

Keywords: Advanced Datasheets,
Open-source data, Microstructure, Electrochemistry, Li-ion 18650 

Matthew Kok

University College London


Fast X-ray CT can help predict cell failure modes, aiding in quality control.

Keywords: X-ray CT,
Jelly-roll, Degradation, Knee point,
Quality control

Batteries for emerging economies

Richard Wills

University of Southampton


An overview of the RELCoBatt project, which aims to develop a soluble lead flow battery alongside techno-economic analysis of its integration into the lead acid recycling process.  

Keywords: Flow, Battery,
Techno-economic, modelling

Edward Brightman

University of Strathclyde


Low cost graphite polysulphide single liquid flow battery for developing countries.